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Coupon Book

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Savings people love

Save on…Going out to eat in your favourite place, or maybe take out or delivery is more important to you…. so, save on that too. Doing activities, you or your family want to do is something we are all craving… so let’s save on that as well.

Custom Coupons for Family

When we want to create a special time or give an original meaningful gift the Custom Coupons are your answer and without spending a lot of money. This is a personal gift crafted for kids, parents, a neighbour, or anyone you want to treat.  Just use the Custom Coupon templates and ideas provided in the Community Values coupon book to make your gift original.

Weekend Jar

Lets be real. Sometimes we need ideas on what to do together in our community that is no to low cost. These coupons give suggestions on just that. We encourage you to tear them out… put them in a jar…. and choose one when you are looking to spend some simple valuable family time together.

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The book is available starting each fall and only thru Schools, Non-Profits and Community Groups.  Check back here in September and we can direct you to someone selling in your area or……follow us on social media.

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Together Is Better

We look forward to working with our community to develop and deliver a product that will bring us all together. 


We work with local communities in Langley, Fort Langley, Cloverdale, Aldergrove and the Greater Victoria Area and Tri-Cities area!