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It’s Easy To Get Started and FREE! Your friends at Community Values will take care of all the printing, promotion and distribution costs.

Want to put a coupon in the Community Values book? It’s easy.

Here are a few things you should know:

You don’t have to pay advertising or promotion costs. Your friends at Community Values will take care of that.  We just ask that you give a good discount on the coupon.  One that will encourage people to visit you to use the offer once and then become a loyal customer because you have wowed them with your service and or products.    We have a lot of collective years of experience understanding what types of discount offers drive the best most profitable return… so we can give you our suggestions…. that will make this decision fast and effective for you.  

Print Edition

A few more details:

The print edition of the Community Values coupon book will release each Fall.  But starting shortly after we agree to work together, we will promote your business on our social media sites.  We are looking to partner with traditional media too to get the word out that local business, non- profits and families are coming together to support one another. 

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So…. if you have gotten this far and believe in the value of community coming together to support one another…… and you want to secure a spot in the upcoming Community Values coupon book please submit the form below and we will be in touch real soon!

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We look forward to working with our community to develop and deliver a product that will bring us all together. 


We work with local communities in Langley, Fort Langley, Cloverdale, Aldergrove and the Greater Victoria Area and Tri-Cities area!